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Committed to providing fine grade Industrial Chemicals

About Us

ASHOK INDUSTRY is reckoned among the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of impeccable quality Industrial Chemicals, Metal Pretreatment Chemicals, Maintenance Chemicals, Oils Metallic Surface Treatment Chemicals, and Water Treatment Chemicals, Heat Treatment Salts & Rust Preventives. These products gives our customers a general idea on the range of chemicals manufactured by us. Apart from the aforementioned chemicals, we also manufacture several other types of chemicals.

Backed with 45 years of experience in the industry, we serve our clients with utmost sincerity and unmatched efficiency. We ensure quick delivery of products, efficient services, competitive prices and free technical advice. We are a trusted supplier to a number of public sector units, defense units and other private sector companies. We have sales & service team all over India.

Kindly contact us for all your requirements and problems concerning ferrous and non-ferrous metals - whether its cleaning, corrosion removal, finishing or maintenance of your equipments such as boilers, cooling water systems, etc. Moreover, wee can also formulate new products as per your specific needs. Call or email us immediately for technical bulletins, samples price, or any other details. Remember, no order is too large or small for us.

Our product range included Metal Treatment Chemicals, Zinc Phosphating Chemicals, Rust Preventive Oils, Metal Cleaning Chemicals, Powder Coat Removers, Heat Treatment Salts, Paint Strippers, De-scaling Chemicals, Chromatizing Chemicals, Boiler Compounds, Paint Booth Compounds, Carbon Removers, etc.

Product Range Offered

Our extensive industry experience and growth oriented approach that has helped us expand our sales network at many places all over India and abroad. Our myriad range of Industrial Chemicals is as follows:
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Water Softening Chemical
    • Boiler Feed Water Compound
    • Water Treatment Chemical
    • COROBIT Cooling Towers
    • Quid Fungicide & Bactericide Cooling Systems
  • Maintenance Chemicals
    • Rust Converter
    • Descaling Solution For Solar Water Heaters
    • Descaling Cum Cleaning Solution For Air Conditioners
    • Cleaning Chemical For Radiator
    • Paint Booth Additive
  • Metal Pretreatment Chemicals
    • 3 In 1 Chemical
    • Rust Remover
    • Room Temperature Zinc Phosphating Chemical
    • Hot Zinc Phosphating Chemical
    • Manganese Phosphating Chemical
    • Yellow Chromate Coating For Aluminium
  • Rust And Corrosion Preventive
    • Waxy Type Rust Preventive
    • Dewatering Type Rust Preventive Fluid
    • Dewatering Type Rust Preventive Oil
    • Dry Film Rust Preventive
  • Quick Drying Hard Film Type Rust Preventive
    • Peelable Type Polymer Coating
    • Water Based Rust Preventive
    • Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Water Soluble Type Rust Preventive
  • Degreasing And Derusting Chemicals
    • Alkaline Cleaner For Metals And Non Metals
    • Degreasing Chemical
    • Coarse Granular Powder
    • Pickling Chemicals
    • Etching Chemical For Aluminium
    • Degreasing Cum Derusting Chemical
    • Heat Treatment Scale Remover
    • Derusting and Descaling Chemical
  • Heat Treatment Salts
  • Metal Finishing Chemicals
  • Paint And Powder Coating Remover
  • Phosphate Finishes
  • Chromate Finishes

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